I'm proud of the music I've made over the years. I like to cover a wide range of styles, from pop to electronic to experimental. On many tracks, in particular the "How Animals Sleep" album, I worked with friends Doug Parker, Lorne Schneider and Chris Short. My bandmates on "Wolf" were Matthew Jackson, Neil Jackson and Keith. Everything else was written, played and recorded by me.

My Recommendations: Start with "Storm Animal" (more acoustic) and "Loose" (more electronic). My favourite tracks? Probably "Loved by a Queen" and "Hooked" from "Storm Animal".

You can download any or all of it (see links below with each release). Use it non-commercially in any way you like. But I would like to know about it and get credit please.

1989 - Martin Lomas - Fink

art by Jenny

Download the whole album  HERE  (zip, 88 MB)

01 Down from the Trees
02 Houseboat '88
03 Two-Bit Town
04 Christmas Rap
05 Hogtown Waltz
06 Zappesque
07 Statue of Elvis
08 Dimitrio
09 2:52 (sax: Doug Parker. piano: Lorne Schneider)
10 Twang Thang
11 Credit Wonderland (lyric & vocal: Chris Short. vocal: Lorne Schneider)
12 Mother-in-Law
13 Coming to Rest
14 The Outside Routine
15 Last Breath

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